Comparative Market Analysis

Point Dume Sales 2014
Cliffside Dr Malibu CA 90265

Tony Mark

Compass Realty
DRE #: 01205648
Mobile: 310 457 6275
Sotheby's 28700 PCH, Malibu, Ca 90265

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Average of Comparables

Point Dume Sales 2014
Cliffside Dr Malibu CA 90265

Here are some pricing factors to consider

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  • Next Steps

  • 1

    Sign and complete listing agreement

  • 2

    Enter listing into MLS system

  • 3

    Schedule time to shoot property photos

  • 4

    Begin marketing efforts

Commission Distribution


Intelligent Pricing Timing

  • 1

    Fair market value attracts buyers, overpricing never does.

  • 2

    The first two weeks of marketing are crucial.

  • 3

    The market never lies, but it can change its mind.

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Intelligent Pricing Timing

The best chance of selling your home is in the first two weeks of marketing.

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